Support Style Stage

Hi! I'm Stephanie Eckles, the creator of Style Stage and author of the related site,

To show your support to me as an individual creator, please consider buying me a coffee.

The current concept involves two options. Reach out in a Twitter message to discuss further. Style Stage reserves the right to reject offers to sponsor.

For both options, you may create a branded Style Stage stylesheet theme that will be linked from a "tweet length" banner. The branded Style Stage page will use a different schema for the "profile" section with your ad copy, optional logo, and link of your choice. Sponsors will also be listed with logos on the Styles Directory. The branded Style Stage page will be removed at the end of the paid period.

Sponsorship periods start on Mondays at 12 AM US Central.

  1. Monthly Sponsor: $400 - Banner placement at the top of all pages.

  2. Weekly Sponsor: $100 - Banner placement below the footer on the home page.

Style Stage is not using event tracking analytics, but can provide site and sponsored page total views for the paid period. Current unique visitors average about 15K/month.

How Will Sponsorship Money Be Used?

  • 50% operating costs
  • 50% donated back to various community projects